Friday, 8 December 2006
Just a brief excerpt from a really interesting article on Jackie from the Bright Lights Film Journal.

I am most impressed with Jackie's patience. His perfection requires patience and his patience yields perfection. Jackie and Ken spent almost two hours and did twenty-one takes to get one sequence of fight movements. Ken would usually make a minor error, forcing another take, but not once throughout the rigorous twelve-hour shooting schedule did Jackie swear, get upset, or place blame. Instead, he explained the error to Ken and then showed him how to remedy it. He'd smile, pat Ken's shoulder, and shoot the sequence over. If Jackie noticed the crew getting frustrated, he would tell jokes or even break into song to help alleviate the tension.

Although even Jackie's patience wears thin in the filming of Who Am I? Where Ron Smoorenburg just can't accomplish what Jackie wants. I don't understand how I never noticed that they replaced the excessively tall Smoorenburg with the tiny Brad Allan in some scenes.

UPDATE: I just found a small section on Ron Smoorenburg's website about what it was like to work with Jackie, it seems he wasn't too pleased with how he was portrayed in the My Stunts clip above.

For my stunts, it was a setup to make me look bad because they knew the documentary was about how good Jackie's stuntteam is and how difficult it is to work with other actors.

And probably got quite irate about it because he later edited the article.

( Out of respect for Jackie I decided to delete some personal parts of this article )
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