Wednesday, 20 December 2006
An update about the previous post about Ron Smoorenburg, in his forum he also had this to say on the topic of Jackie Chan:

It was hard indeed to get Jackies Rhytm, but Sam WOng told me after working 15 years with him, he'ss stil nervous when he has to fight Jackie because he's very demanding.

But professioal of coarse. I dont like the way Jackie treats people as a person. As an artist he's good.

(his spelling, not mine)

Maybe he's right, maybe he just holds a grudge. But it Jackie always seems like the nicest guy in the world.

Jackie is currently running a little competition to guess the prop on his website, well, on Jackie's Kid's Corner really, so maybe it's just for children, but I want to play too.

I think I know which film it comes from. I want to get a note with "SMART!" written on it by Jackie Chan!
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