Wednesday, 4 April 2007
I just read a little news article about a stuntman claiming to have doubled for Jackie Chan.

A Hong Kong stuntman has said that he's doubled for Jackie Chan, sparking discussion about the action star's reputation of performing his own daredevil moves.

Stuntman Bruce Law said in his Chinese-language blog that he's doubled for stars including Chan, Chow Yun-fat, former Bond girl Michelle Yeoh and veteran Hong Kong actor Andy Lau.

He did not say in which movie he doubled for Chan.

Though it doesnt sound that unbelievable, as the article points out Jackie is forced to use a double in hollywood films due to the insurance policies of the big studios. And presumably that's when Mr Bruce Law has doubled for him. I don't really know what the hoo haa is about. And if he is saying he doubled for Jackie in his chinese films, then who would trust a man that looks like this? At least that's what Google images tells me, and I believe it.

And if you need reminding of some pure 100% delicious Jackie Chan goodness, see how he suffers for his art:

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