Monday, 9 April 2007
Jackie recentley announced the search for a new Jackie in a reality TV show that will start in March next year. 10 winners will be selected to appear in films produced by Jackie Chan China Movies Corporation. Jackie seems to have some pretty steep criteria:

It is also a must to be familiar with water skiing, skiing, parachute jumping, fencing, singing, dancing, and acting. As for acting, the selected candidates have to be good at comedy, tragedy, and humor. Therefore, it is quite difficult to find the perfect candidates.

and of course martial arts too. Though as Jackie pointed out on his website this is defintley not a sign that he's thinking of calling it a day.

Note that this is NOT the signal for my retirement, I just want to find one more Jackie Chan out there in the crowds; please do not get confused with the rumors.

Though Mr. Chan won't be young forever. Last Saturday he turned 53 which is one astonishing age for somebody who is still one of the worlds biggest action stars. So a belated happy birthday Jackie!

And if you want to apply to be Jackie Chan's Disciple then the, for me at least, indecipherable website is here.
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